Moya Genmaicha Organic Japanese Green Tea 60g


Skład: 50% organiczna zielona herbata sencha 50% organiczny ryż prażony.
Waga netto: 60g

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A traditional blend of sencha green tea and grains of roasted popped brown rice. When steeped, it produces a refreshing, butter-sweet flavor, nutty aroma and a light yellow hue. Genmaicha is know to help the digestive system and is traditionally consumed with meals.
Moya Genmaicha is cultivated on small, family-owned organic farms on Kyushu Island, the southernmost tea producing region in Japan.

Country of origin: Japan
Contents: 50% organic sencha green tea 50% organic rice

Quantity: 2-3g / 150ml
Infusion time : 2 – 3 min
Temperature of infusion: 70 – 80 C



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