Tost ricotta z miodem matcha

Organic, multifloral honey from Estonia has a naturally sweet taste which we enriched by adding a portion of Moya Matcha Daily. That’s how Moya Matcha Honey came into existence. Sweetness contrasted with the bitterness of matcha creates an incredible flavour that is worth trying! It matches perfectly with toasts, desserts and tea infusions. You can start your honey adventure with this easy recipe for toast with ricotta, matcha honey, fresh fruit and nuts. It’s great as a sweet breakfast or nutritious snack. Yummy 💚


  • Moya Matcha Honey
  • Toast bread or brioche will do perfectly
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Sweet and sour fruit like strawberries or blueberries or raspberries
  • Nuts for sprinkling eg. pistachios, walnuts or almond flakes
Tost z ricottą i miodem matcha


Toast a loaf of bread in an oven or a toaster. When it becomes crispy on the outside, smear some ricotta cheese on it. Next, pour as much honey as you like, put sliced fruit on it and sprinkle with your favourite nuts. Delicious toast with creamy ricotta, bittersweet honey, and fresh fruit is ready to eat with your morning cup of matcha! Enjoy 💚

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