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With Moya Matcha Glass Shaker you can prepare your matcha incredibly fast: just add matcha to your liquid of choice (water, juice or milk), shake & go! It is a perfect travel & training companion and it’s double glass walls allow you to prepare matcha cold or hot. If you’re drinking matcha to boost your energy, speed up metabolism or help focus your mind on the task at hand: Glass Matcha Shaker allows you to do drink your matcha hassle free, anywhere at anytime.

The Glass Matcha Shaker is best used with Moya Matcha To Go! uni-dose sticks, a handy version of Moya Matcha Traditional, a well balanced, high quality grade of our matcha from 1st and 2nd harvest.

Glass Matcha Shaker comes equipped with a steel infuser that allows you to prepare regular leaf tea as well and its double glass walls will help keep the tea hot for a long time.  For matcha preparation: remember to use water of temperature no higher than 80 °C  as boiling water can affect some of the beneficial constituents found in matcha.


Body: Borosilicate double glass.

Lid: Outside made of Bamboo wood. Inside made of plastic and stainless steel. Silicone seal included (do not wash in the dishwasher).

Infuser: Stainless steel.

Volume: 400ml.
Size: 22,5cm x 7cm.

Packaged in a white cardboard box.


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