Organic Moya Matcha Culinary 250g


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High quality organic matcha from the third, autumn harvest with strong tea taste and full-bodied astringency.  Has a stronger and more bitter taste compared to other grades of Moya Matcha.  It’s a perfect choice for cooking and baking as it delivers a green tea flavor across a wide variety of recipes.

Moya Matcha Culinary is grown in the Uji region of Kyoto Prefecture, known for the cultivation of highest quality green tea for over 800 years. The Uji region is famous for its fertile soils and clean water. The green tea plants there have ideal conditions for growth thanks to hills providing good sunlight, frequent mists that protect delicate leaves from frost and high amount of rainfall.  Moya Matcha is meticulously cultivated and harvested on small family-owned organic tea fields. It is then processed locally in Japan and dispatched in small batches to assure peak freshness for all our grades. This helps preserve all the qualities of the tea leaf and maintain high levels of minerals and antioxidants.

Moya Matcha Culinary is available in 250g packaging. If you are interested by larger packaging please send us an enquiry.


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