Tenshi - japanese matcha bowl


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Traditional bowl for preparing and drinking matcha tea.
VOLUME: 350 ml
HEIGHT: ok. 7-8 cm
DIAMETER: ok 11-12 cm
As this is a handcrafted product, dimension and colour may vary slightly. Dishwasher safe.


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Matchawan Tenshi is one of our unique ceramic matcha bowls from the very heart of Japan. The vessel, produced in Toki – a Japanese city located in the Gifo prefecture on the Honsiu Island – is an example of beautifully simple form, the essence of the spirit of the philosophy of tea ceremony, based on the quest for refined simplicity and purification of the soul. Matchawan Tenshi stands out among other vessels with its intriguing, unevenly off-pink colour and the irregularity of the arrangement of the enamel. Its subtly dyed stripes bring to mind the circles on the marred water, giving the matchawan a sense of uniqueness and an optical depth. The bowl was produced in accordance to centuries-old tradition and made of highly resistant potter’s clay, stoved in a stone oven at heart of a Japanese forest. In Japanese, ‘tenshi’ means ‘angel’. Matchawan is the most convenient vessel destined for matcha preparation, constituting an important element of traditional tea ceremony. The vertical walls and wide bottom allow one to easily blend matcha powder with water and quickly obtain the foam on the surface of the matcha drink.

The traditional way to prepare matcha comes from the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It involves using a matcha bowl, a bamboo whisk- chasen and a bamboo spoon- chashaku. Place 2 chashaku spoons of matcha (1,5g) in a matcha bowl and pour 100ml of hot water (80 °C). Chasen in hand, vigorously whisk your matcha from the wrist in m-shaped, not circular, motion. In about 20 seconds your bowl should be filled with a perfect jade-green foam. You can add more water now if you like your matcha to be less strong.

Watch how Hitomi Saito, cofounder of Moya Matcha, prepares perfect matcha.

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