Green tea should be a staple in a healthy diet. But even if you enjoy it on a daily basis (and so we hope!), don’t forget it on special occassions, as well! Matcha is a wonderful addition to elegant cocktails. Have a sip of today’s simple summer drink served in a remarkable way.

Two-layered matcha with orange juice

2 servings




Divide the orange juice evenly into two glasses. Mix matcha with sugar and water until dissolved (e.g. using Moya Matcha Glass Shaker). Prepare a metal teaspoon. Put it in the first glass, horizontally and upside down, touching the glass wall, but not the layer of orange juice. Very slowly pour matcha over the backside of the teaspoon, raising it as the level of matcha in the glass will rise. Serve immediately, mixing the two layers with a straw before drinking.

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