matcha ice latte splash green

If you are already familiar with ice matcha latte and are currently looking for something new, check out this recipe! A creamy, delicious and naturally sweet combination of matcha, milk and blended raspberries is an interesting take on this popular drink. Apart from looking insanely cool, it also tastes great and is a perfect treat during warm and sunny days.

Recipe for raspberry ice matcha latte



  • 1.5 g (or 1/2 teaspoon) of Matcha Traditional or Daily
  • 50 ml hot water (around 80°C)
  • 150 ml milk or plant milk of your choice (oat milk is our favourite😉)
  • 50 ml blended raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • Ice cubes ‒ as many as you wish



Put the ice cubes into a glass and pour 50 ml of blended raspberries. If you want to achieve the look from the photo, mix them with a little bit of milk ‒ this way the first layer of your drink will take on a beautiful pink colour. Pour the rest of the milk into the glass. In a separate vessel, dissolve matcha in water using a chasen bamboo whisk, a shaker or a milk frother. Finally, pour the prepared matcha into the glass. It’s best to pour it slowly, directly on the ice cubes to create nice three layers. Admire your work for a while and then mix thoroughly and enjoy!


If you need a reminder on how to prepare matcha traditionally with a chasen, visit this link!

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