Organic leaf green tea

Properties of green tea

Green tea leaves are characterized by the highest content of antioxidants and minerals amongst all of the other kinds of leaf tea due to the process of minimal oxidation. Vitamins B complex, calcium, iron, catechins, and polyphenols are just some of the precious ingredients found within green tea. The people of Japan have always appreciated its detoxifying and metabolism-boosting effect, along with its effect of subtle stimulation. They have been regularly consuming green tea for centuries, enjoying its extraordinary taste and beneficial properties.  

Teas for any time of the day 

There is a vast number of kinds of green tea, every one of which has a slightly different effect. Refreshing sencha and exquisite gyokuro are teas of a higher content of caffeine, due to which they are characterized by stimulating effect. Therefore, it is recommended to consume them in the morning. Bancha – Japanese everyday tea – is recommended at any time of the day, while tea with rice, genmaicha, being a digestive agent, will work perfectly as a dinner’s accompaniment. Smoky hojicha and bracing kukicha are then perfect for the evening, as they stand out in their reduced caffeine content.  

Moya Leaf Teas’ origin  

Moya Leaf Green Teas are cultivated in Kagoshima prefecture, on a Japanese Kyushu island, located west of Honshu – the largest island in Japan. Kagoshima’s foggy, humid subtropical climate and cultivation in harmony with centuries-old Japanese tradition provide the tea bushes an optimal environment for growth, and therefore – the highest content of precious elements and a perfectly balanced, refreshing taste of distinct umami notes.  

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