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Coconut lemon cheesecake with matcha

Coconut lemon cheesecake with matcha Ingridients for cookie bottom: 120g cookies 40 g melted butter 2 tbs. coconut shredded Ingredients for cheesecake: 500g creamy cheese 110g powdered sugar 250 ml coconut milk 2 Tbs. (18g) matcha daily 1 lemon zest and juice 20g gelatine 60ml water   Crush the cookies add shredded coconut and melted butter […]

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Matcha tiramisu

Matcha tiramisu  500g mascarpone cheese 300 ml 30% sweet cream 4 egg yolk 60g sugar 4 tsp. matcha daily 1 package of ladyfingers cookies Lemon zest       Mix egg yolk with sugar in a bowl placed on a boiling water till you get a white foam. Add mascarope into a chill yolks. Beat […]

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