You all probably know the classic Italian tiramisu with coffee. Since we often say that matcha is a great coffee substitute, we decided to reinvent this evergreen dessert (pun intended) and make it very green 🙂 Check out this recipe if you want to try something new and delicious!

Recipe for Matcha Tiramisu:






In a bowl, mix the egg yolks with matcha and sugar. Add the mascarpone cheese to the mixture. In a separate bowl, whip the egg whites. When ready, mix everything together. Using a chasen or a milk frother, mix matcha with 50 ml of hot water (around 80°C). Soak the ladyfingers in the prepared matcha. Finally put the ladyfingers into small cups or one bigger, low-sided vessel. Pour the mascarpone mixture on top, sprinkle with matcha and let it rest in the refrigerator before serving. Enjoy delicious matcha tiramisu!

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