Matcha bowl Madaro


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Matcha bowl Matchawan Madaro is a handcrafted matcha bowl from stoneware clay. It is shaped according to centuries’ old Japanese tradition from Kyoto adapted by a small Warsaw ceramic studio Spiek in collaboration with Moya Matcha. It is fired at very high temperature providing safety and durability.

Matchawan is a traditional bowl used in the Japanese tea ceremony and makes matcha preparation very easy. When whisking matcha with a bamboo whisk (chasen) the tall vertical walls of the matchawan help to prevent the water from spilling. The broad bottom of the bowl makes it easy to whisk the powder smoothly inside and quickly obtain the perfect froth on the surface.

Please remember to use water not exceeding 80 °C temperature to preserve all the matcha properties.

Volume: 300ml, Height: 7,5 cm Diameter: 11cm, Dishwasher safe.

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