Moya Matcha Ceremonial Set Nepu


Matcha Premium Ceremonial Set Nepu includes:

– Moya Matcha Premium 30g or Moya Matcha Traditional 30g
– Matchawan – handmade ceramic matcha bowl
– Chasen – bamboo whisk
– Whisk holder
– Chashaku – bamboo spoon

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Moya Matcha Ceremonial Set Nepu is a perfect set for all adepts of tea and the traditional Japanese matcha tea ceremony also called “The Way of Tea”. It’s also a great gift for those who are just starting their matcha journey. The Nepu Moya Matcha Ceremonial Set includes Moya Matcha Premium 30g or Moya Matcha Traditional 30g and the following accessories:


Matchawan plays an important part of traditional Japanese tea ceremony and a beautiful object as well. The colours of matchawan Nepu can remind us of a dense dark forest, as it’s almost black in its lowest parts and gradually becomes lighter as the glaze reaches the top just like the forest becomes lighter the higher you look, as the sun shines through the branches. This tea vessel was first shaped in a mold and then worked on by hand, that’s why its shape is unique and unrepeatable. It was crafted on Honsiu Island in the Oroshi district of the city of Toki. The Oroshi district is famous for making recognised ceramics, including shino ware, known for its unique glazing style. Its wide bottom makes it easy to prepare matcha using a chasen, the – traditional bamboo whisk used to combine matcha powder with water. This carefully crafted matchwan will make a useful vessel as well as a stylish element of your kitchen.

Please remember to use water not exceeding 80 °C temperature to preserve all the matcha properties.

Volume: 350 ml Height: 7,5 cm- 8,5 cm Diameter: 11,5 cm. Dimension may vary to a small degree. Country of origin: Japan. dishwasher safe on a delicate program.

As this is a handcrafted product, dimension and appearance may vary slightly.


Traditional bamboo whisk or “chasen” is an indispensable tool of the Japanese matcha tea ceremony.  The fine, handmade prongs are carved out in a single piece of bamboo by craftsmen whose skills are past on from generation to generation.   When using a chasen to whisk matcha it is best to keep a loose and relaxed wrist and make rapid zigzag motions in the shape of letter “W” or “M” – this helps to give matcha the ideal frothy texture.


The traditional matcha whisk holder is not only a beautiful element of the traditional Japanese matcha tea set. It is a very practical tool that helps your chasen dry faster and maintain its shape and durability.

Material: porcelain. Size: 7cm (height) x 6cm (diameter). Color: Onyx black. Dishwasher safe.


Chashaku is the traditional Japanese spoon for serving matcha and an integral part of the matcha tea ceremony. The curved portion of the spoon is used to scoop a small portion of tea  and place in a bowl (matchawan).  The mixture is then whisked to uniform consistency using a bamboo whisk (chasen).  The amount of matcha served depends on individual preference.  The thin tea or “usucha” is prepared with one or two chashaku of matcha and approximately 100ml of water.

Material: Bamboo. Length: 18cm. Not dishwasher safe.

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