Dark Bamboo Spoon Chashaku


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Chashaku is the traditional spoon for serving matcha and an integral part of the matcha tea ceremony. The curved portion of the spoon is used to scoop a small portion of tea from the caddy (natsume) or other matcha container and place in a bowl (matchawan). The mixture is then whisked to uniform consistency using a bamboo whisk (chasen). The amount of matcha served depends on individual preference.

Traditionally, thin tea or “usucha” is prepared with 1 chashaku of matcha (one teaspoon) and approximately 75-100ml of hot water. This proportion is perfect for creating ideal frothy texture on the surface of matcha.

Koicha or thick tea, is made using significantly more matcha 4-6 chashaku portions (4-6 teaspoons) in 150ml of hot water. The resulting matcha is much denser and sweeter.  Whisking it is more difficult and this method does not produce the characteristic foam. It is served almost exclusively as part of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Length: 18cm

Not dishwasher safe.

Country of origin: China

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